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work in progress

Fast sketch

wpul1Haven’t done a random head doodle from imagination in a long time…  years?  Used to do that all the time… weird.

Fun at least!

Ten min sub-d thing

Loops all over, but amusing.cubetorusandcylinder

10 min doodle

Using the new renderer in Max 2017.  Remarkably simple to use.flower

Quick HS thing 2


Quick HS thing

Ran across an old polycount thread…  need to do a bunch of this 😐ul

UV offset stack

This is probably old news, but in offsetting UVs for a bake this morning and I realized that a volume select modifier could make that a lot easier. Process is scriptable (using a UV xform modifier instead of an unwrap), but I haven’t got there. Handy when you have a lot of pieces, but really great when you’re doing fasuvoffsetstackt test bakes.

Designer doodling

Spent most of the work day with it.  Getting some of the major nodes working with the material setup that we use (tintmasks, etc).  Some success, but not quite there yet.

What do I do in the evening?  More of the same…  playing around with colour and materials a bit more mind you.  Logic is hard.  Syntax is a pita.designer



Octopus Ship

Ah ya, eight…222

Squid Ship 2


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